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Avengers Annual 7 CGC SS 9.4 Stan Lee Signed Thanos Movie Jim Starlin 1977 no 8

Avengers Annual 7 CGC SS 94 Stan Lee Signed Thanos Movie Jim Starlin 1977 no 8
Auction Details:
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30 Sep 2016
Seller Location
Fort Worth, Texas

Item Description

var itemNumber = window.ebayItemID ? window.ebayItemID : -1; function passpara(){return '&id=330716&itembgcolor=0xFFFFFF&bordercolor=0x000000&storewindowbgcolor=0xb8d6b6&toptextcolor=0xFFFFFF&bottomtextcolor=0xFFFFFF&stripcolor=0x516bc6&auctionclosemessagecolor=0xff0000&emptyboxmessagecolor=0xFFFFFF&buttovercolor=0x660000&buttoutcolor=0x00000AA&searchtitlecolor=0xFFFFFF&searchbuttbgcolor=0xc0c0c0&searchbutttextcolor=0x000000&searchbuttbordercolor=0x000000&itemhighlightcolor=0xfff000&navbuttonactivecolor=0x4bc1ee&navbuttonoutlinecolor=0xff9900&navbuttoninactivebgcolor=0x000000&siteid=0&cat=70961&item=' + itemNumber + '&baseurl='+escape(location.href.substring(0, location.href.lastIndexOf('/') + 1));}  Avengers Annual #7 ~ by Marvel Comics from 1977! featuring Scarce High Grade KEY Avengers Thanos Classic Jim Starlin Cover! CGC Signature Series Signed by Comics Legend Stan Lee!! Jim Starlin & Joe Rubinstein cover & art & Starlin story CGC SS 9.4 ~ Awesome Classic Starlin Cover!! CGC Signature Series 9.4 Certification #1204195013 -  White Pages - Jim Starlin & Rubinstein art & cover! With Avengers 2 Movie out this will be hotter than ever! Case is in Perfect Condition! Priority Mail Shipping in US is FREE!!!! Canada shipping is $27.50 -32.99 depending on which part of Canada you live in. All overseas shipping is via USPS Express mail. Payment is due within 72 hours after winning this auction. Thanks for looking.