Fantastic Four #60 MARVEL 1967 -MINT- CGC 9.8 NM/MT -HIGHEST GRADE- Doctor Doom!

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Fantastic Four 60 MARVEL 1967 MINT CGC 98 NMMT HIGHEST GRADE Doctor Doom
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28 Jul 2016
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"The Peril And The Power!"Doctor Doom, Inhumans and Silver Surfer Appearances! HIGHEST GRADE on The CGC Census - One of only 7 copies graded at this level! Highest available copy! Beautiful CGC 9.8 (NM/MT) copy - Off/White Pages with Excellent Gloss quality!-Lies flat
-Both staples attached
-No missing pages or cut-outs-Off/White pages-Great colorSome of our other Buy It Now comics up:
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