Fantastic Four #48 1966 1st Galactus Silver Surfer CGC 7.0 FN/VF Cream Off-White

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Fantastic Four 48 1966 1st Galactus Silver Surfer CGC 70 FNVF Cream OffWhite
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28 Sep 2016
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Salem, Massachusetts

Item Description

Here’s one of the holy grails of silver age comic collecting, the first issue of a Marvel comic book that includes two of the hottest characters in comics, Galactus and Silver Surfer! This book was graded and slabbed in September of 2016. A copy in the same condition hasn’t been offered at a price this low going back into July, so at launch time it’s the lowest priced Buy It Now copy in this grade on eBay and is offered BELOW the most recent sale price - why bid? Don’t miss out!
The scans are of the actual slabbed book you will be getting.  Please look at the scans so you can see what’s what. Scan captures all edges, check it out with the magnifier tool!
As CGC collectors know, the CGC casing (commonly called a slab) can create reflections and distortions on the scanner. I’m happy to take pictures of any areas you may want to see in more detail. My scanner is not large enough to capture full slabbed book, so I had these scanned, but I later noticed they didn’t clean the scanner bed so fingerprints, etc on the uncleaned scanning bed may appear in the scans. My apologies! 
This is a great chance to get wonderful books at great prices!

GRADING NOTE:  This is a CGC graded book, but as CGC says, all grading is subjective - so look at the pictures and make up your own mind.  Of course if there are any problems, contact us! WE PACK WELL!  SEE DETAILS BELOW:   We ship in boxes very similar in size and shape to those that CGC uses. All books are fully insured and higher priced items will require a signature. 
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