Fantastic Four #45 CGC 6.5 #0287456001(1st Appearance of Inhumans). OW-W.

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Fantastic Four  45 CGC 65 02874560011st Appearance of Inhumans OWW
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01 Sep 2016
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San Carlos, California

Item Description

Story: "Among us Hide... The Inhumans!" 

How did Johnny Storm save Reed and Ben from a collapsed building? Who did Dragon Man kidnap?When Johnny caught up with the flying Dragon Man, how did Dragon Man try to destroy Johnny?How did Johnny cause Dragon Man to land? With the Sandman and the Trapster in jail how did Sandman try to escape? How did Sue tame Dragon Man and have him fly her back to Fantastic Four's headquarters? What does Ben think they should do with Dragon Man? What happens when Johnny asks Dorrie Evans out on a date? What happens when Johnny approaches a strange girl in a deserted neighborhood? What is an "iconometric-frammistat"? What breed of dog is Lockjaw? Who is his master? Why are the Thing and Dragon Man fighting? How does Sue subdue Dragon Man? What happens to Johnny when he shakes hands with Karnak? Who is Crystal's sister? Who tells Johnny to flee the Inhumans? Crystal's kinfolk make who seem like a nice average American family? How does Gorgon initially keep Johnny from escaping? How does Johnny finally escape? How does Johnny signal the other Fantastic Four he's in trouble? What new Reed Richard's invention makes its first appearance and takes the three Fantastic Four to rescue Johnny? What Superman theme does Stan Lee mock? How does Karnak try to destroy the Fantastic Four? Who confronts the Fantastic Four at the very end? All these probing questions are answered in "Among Us Hide... The Inhumans!".
    CGC Label: Universal
          Grade:  6.5(FN+)
Page Quality: Off-White To White
  Description: 1st Appearance of the Inhumans and Lockjaw.
                      Sandman and Dragon Man Appearance.
                      Stan Lee Story.
                      Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott Cover and Art.
                      December 1965 Silver Age.


I have owned this comic for 35 years. I had it graded by CGC on June 1, 2016. It has nice edges, solid structure, great color and a clean cover by the great Jack Kirby.

Jack Kirby's art work in this issue is superb. The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run of Fantastic Four #1-101 is considered one of the top 5 runs of all time!

This is a very coveted comic as it has the first appearance of the Inhumans. This is a must-have issue for your Fantastic Four collection!

Good luck and have fun bidding!