Cursed Pirate Girl #1 1st Printing 2006 Comixpress CGC SIGNED by Jeremy Bastian

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Cursed Pirate Girl 1 1st Printing 2006 Comixpress CGC SIGNED by Jeremy Bastian
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16 Nov 2016
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Los Angeles, California

Item Description

Cursed Pirate Girl #1 1st Printing Comixpress (2006) CGC 9.0 SIGNED by Jeremy Bastian (issue # nn).
Well the happiness was very short lived... After three years trying to track one of these down, I unfortunately have to sell.  Less than 300 were made by Jeremy (self-published through comixpress) before the book was picked up and published by Archaia.  This is the TRUE 1st ever printing of this iconic book, and a holy grail for an key indie collector. Additionally, it's a yellow label SS by CGC having been signed by Jeremy Bastian himself! I have only seen two of these books appear for sale in three years, and both had qualified labels (unverified signatures) not yellow label (authentic signature).  Please see pictures of the case for condition.  There is an old sticker on the back (removed) but has left some stickiness that can easily be removed with solvent...  CGC can re-encapsulate for $25 + shipping if you would prefer the newer holder (please check CGC for latest prices).  
Please note: I will NOT ship without FULL insurance including internationally, so please dont ask me to reduce the value to avoid import duties.  Sorry, I just don't want anything to happen to it and we're not fully covered!