Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC GRADED 1.5, Off White Pages, CHEAPEST 1.5 by $2000!

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Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC GRADED 15 Off White Pages CHEAPEST 15 by 2000
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20 Sep 2020
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Norristown, Pennsylvania

Item Description

Amazing Fantasy #15 (September 1962. Graded a CGC 1.5) - with no remarks! OFF WHITE PAGES! No rust on visible staples. FREE SHIPPING! Amazingly, CGC lists this particular comic with "off white pages" which is astoundingly incredible for a 1.5 grade. Additionally, there were no remarks at all from CGCgraders... atypical for a 1.5. It presents much better.If you look carefully at the cover, it is hard to fathom that this does not grade far higher. I have seen 2.5's with far worse looking covers. There is no tape on the cover and the cover has no real tears that show the second page or other things that you would consistently see with a grade of 1.5. In fact, I have never seen a comic this old, with off-white, (not cream) and no major tears, restoration or remarks, with such good color that received such a grade.Of course there is creasing, the book is 58 years old. And yes, there is definitely visible creasing on this cover, but that’s going to be expected. It clearly was read, as comics as should be imo.This is $2000++ cheaper than the next 1.5 CGC Amazing Fantasy #15, and it presents far better imo. If you are an INVESTOR or generous gift given, a word to the wise, you want off-white or better pages, but more importantly, you do not want the DREADED yellow labeled restored or remarks about missing pages, etc. This has NO REMARKS from the graders and OFF-WHITE pages. That is a solid investment. In fact, you frankly should not be able to get into this comic under $15,000 but this is your last chance.SPIDERMAN and BATMAN have really risen as of late and this is the #1 - the first appearance, 1962. It is not a 9.8 CGC grade, but it is not $500,000 either - for the same thing. Condition is what you make of it. If you want an intact, good color, no remark comic, with all the history and amazement this has in person - without spending $25,000+++ (although these are not going down in value), this might be your last chance remotely under $13,000. The two others being sold at $14995 and $15000 will take advantage once mine sells. They know this is a better looking comic and has no remarks!Please ask questions before bidding. I know this is expensive but I do not appreciate people who bid and do not pay. I do not have any negatives or even neutral comments and I have done over 1,040 deals on eBay.

On Sep-15-20 at 05:36:43 PDT, seller added the following information:Look across EBAY, you will not find a better CGC graded 1.5 without a SHREDDED cover out there - even on comic shop websites. Nothing this intact, without restoration, glue, tape or rusty staples exists at this price point. You know it is real, it is CGC graded, so before 1,000 people see it today, you might want to get it. I have found, in my 1,043 sales, that when watchers get to around 40, the items sells. I have turned down 9 offers on this comic (some multiples). If you do offer below $11,500 - do not waste your time, this is not my first comic sale. Frankly, this way better in presentation than the $15,000 one which is next once this sells. You do not want tape and remarks on your comic.