X-Men 1 CGC 5.0 Unrestored 1963 1st Magneto Professor X Cyclops Jean Grey Iceman

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XMen 1 CGC 50 Unrestored 1963 1st Magneto Professor X Cyclops Jean Grey Iceman
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19 Dec 2014
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Grinnell, Iowa

Item Description

Welcome to my auction! I made a decision earlier this year to sell my entire comic book collection and hopefully raise enough money to do something truly legendary and unique in this world for the enjoyment of all mankind.  Looks like the years dedicated to the study of superheroes has inspired me, along with a little love and motivation! This auction is for: X-Men #1
CGC Unrestored Grade of 5.0
Hot off the slab:  The perfect collectible for any comic book fan this Christmas!  With the success of the Marvel movie franchise and new life in the X-Series, this is the perfect time to pick up this significant and key issue from the classic and original House of Ideas.
This is a very nice grade on a RARE book that is over fifty years OLD.  
As with all my auctions, I'm offering this insanely beautiful book at 80% of recent online sales, so bid accordingly and good luck!  Please do not contact me about price reductions, because none will be granted and everyone who bids on the auction can have confidence the listing will run to termination.  For other key Marvel #1s, check out my other auctions for the Avengers and Daredevil this week! Publication Date:  September 1963 Writer:  Stan LeeArtist:  Jack Kirby Be sure to check out my other auctions and add me to your favorite sellers list, because as much as it pains me to do it, all the best books in this collection must go.  I have a vast personal anthology of early Marvel, some older DC and many other superhero-related titles, all of which have been properly stored in a smoke-free environment inside acid-free bags, boards and longboxes.  Over the last twenty years, I gained a developed and diverse set of books ranging from sparse titles in the 50s, a large number in the 60s and thousands upon thousands throughout the years thereafter.  Looking for something specific, a miniseries or story arc?  Shoot me an email with an offer and I probably have it to list and sell. I bought all my comics as a collector and have read almost every book I own.  Many of the individual copies were probably thought of as "reader copies" or lower-grade books, but like everyone, I have tried to acquire the best condition examples I could find at a reasonable cost throughout the years and have many high-grade copies in the raw.  Some are better than others, but since I am not a professional grader, I cannot give much advice on exact grades, nor will I attempt to, so please do not fault me for the condition of these books, many of which have been around fifty years or more.  Whenever I purchased anything online, I expect the worst and hope for the best, but I have tried to take some high definition pictures for your perusal…Lighting has a dramatic effect on how a book looks, so different lights have an impact on the representation of true condition, which I have tried to capture to the best of my ability in order to facilitate an honest sale.  This is classic comic buying at its best, much like I used to do at many of the small comic shows of the past while traveling throughout the country, and I have listed the starting bid well below what comparable auctions have sold for in the last three months, so I leave the determination of value in the hands of the bidders.  If you look at these types of purchases as buying the treasured tales with the intent of holding onto them as an investment, I hope they rise in value for you as they have for me over the decades.  We live in the age of the superhero, and at least you will own something tangible  you can appreciate.  Those that do not sell I will take as a sign I can keep them in my possession.  :) I am putting up hundreds of auctions over the next few months while also working a full-time job as a self-employed professional, and taking additional pictures of five dollar books is a bit time-consuming, so please only send such requests if you are a serious purchaser, lest I get inundated and overwhelmed.  However, if you feel there is something you simply must know in order to bid, please do not hesitate to ask and I will do my best.  I have tried to put up multiple pictures of each book to show accurately what you will receive. I charge a flat rate of $7 per auction for USPS Priority or First Class mail, but I will combine shipping and add only one dollar for each additional auction won.  Thanks for looking, good luck bidding and know that the revenues produced here will go to something much greater and grander than anything else I have been honored enough to do in my life. Thanks again and all the best, Seth