Amazing Fantasy #15 Vol 1 CBCS 6.0 (Like CGC) Looks Nicer 1st App of Spider-Man

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Amazing Fantasy 15 Vol 1 CBCS 60 Like CGC Looks Nicer 1st App of SpiderMan
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17 Apr 2015
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Montrose, California

Item Description

Thanks for checking out my auction!
I've listed some incredible books this week so please feel free to check them out!Please be sure to check out all of my hi-res scans of the book!
The winning bidder will receive this really nice Amazing Fantasy #15 CBCS 6.0 featuring the 1st appearance of Spider-Man! This is a tough book to find in higher grades and in my opinion this book looks MUCH nicer than a 6.0. CBCS Notes State: Small amount of color touch on cover, pieces added to cover, tear seal, spine splits sealed to cover, cover & centerfold reinforced. All 3 edges trimmed. CBCS has assigned the book perfect WHITE pages! This book looks great and has excellent eye-appeal. The case is in excellent shape. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you and good luck!