Star Wars #1 35 Cent Variant CGC 9.0 White Pages New Movie Hot Book

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Star Wars 1 35 Cent Variant  CGC  90  White Pages New Movie Hot Book
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Star Wars #1 35 Cent Varient CGC 9.0 a.imagelink {color:#454545;} a:hover.imagelink {color:#454545;} a:visited.imagelink {color:#2B2B2B;} a.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: 2px solid #454545; } a:visited.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: 2px solid #2B2B2B; }

STAR WARS 1 This is a stunning example of the 35 cent variant CGC 9.0 only 19 copies in the world are higher than this..!!!A bit of HistoryThe 1977 Star Wars first printing comic is a must-have for collectors. As with most #1 issues Star Wars #1 has the bulk of the value in this series. Released before the movie came out the book didn't reveal the whole story it merely served as an introduction.  It is the comic that has always appealed to Star Wars collectors and comic collectors alike.  Star Wars 1’s classic cover by Howard Chaykin and Tom Palmer is striking in this grade and are very hard to come by as having been released in 1977 it is now almost forty years old.  Demand has always been high for this book from collectors and the announcement of a new movie has only increased interest.   The 35% Cent Variant The Star Wars #1 35 cent variant has been one of the most valuable and sought after comic books of the Bronze Age for several years. The 35 cent variant of Star Wars #1 had very limited distribution, and although the exact numbers aren’t known, the Overstreet estimate is about 1500 copies. The most important piece of information you must know about the Star Wars 35 cent variant is the true variant has a bar code in the UPC square. There are copies that were distributed in 3 packs with the 35 cent price tag but the square where the UPC code should be is blank. Why is there a variant?  Marvel typically tested price increases on a limited basis before rolling out the increase over all their comic titles. From mid 1976 to early 1977, single issues of Marvel comics were priced at 30 cents each, but the company wanted to gauge the resistance to a proposed price increase, and thus began pricing their comics at 35 cents instead of 30 cents, but only in very limited markets. The first four issues of Star Wars comics fell within this five month test market window.

The “35 cent” test marketed books saw limited distribution in only four U.S. cities:
[Distribution markings on the top edge of each book indicate its origin city]

Memphis, TN
Toledo, OH
Tuscaloosa, AL
Wilmington, NC

Supposedly, all of the 35 cent variants were only sold in these four cities (there’s a rumor of possibly a fifth city, but it’s still a matter of speculation).

Every Marvel book published in the months of June through October, 1977, had a 35 cent version distributed to one of the above four cities, while the 30 cent books were distributed everywhere else. The test marketing was successful; beginning in November 1977, all Marvel books were sold with the “new” 35 cent cover price (coinciding with Star Wars #5).This Comic:
To say that 35 cent price variants are elusive is an understatement. To top that there are only 19 comics graded higher than this in the world - just 19 !!
As of March 2015 CGC has only graded 165 of the 35 cent price variant in all grades.  There are only 19 books graded higher than this copy – that’s 19 in the entire world.  You can't go wrong with this incredible investment grade example. Sources:  It is the ultimate bronze-age comic and is as nice a copy as you will ever come across.  Trades are welcome - tell me what you got - sensible offers only please!! 

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