Famous Monsters of Filmland #2 - Highest Graded Ever for Sale! - CGC 9.2 - 1958

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Famous Monsters of Filmland 2  Highest Graded Ever for Sale  CGC 92  1958
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27 Apr 2016
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Leonia, New Jersey

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Famous Monsters of Filmland #2 - Highest Graded Ever for Sale! - CGC Grade 9.2 - 1958Size: 9.5" x 14
Greetings Collectors, Rick from Pawn Stars says in the opening, “You never know what’s gonna come through that door.” Well, having had a 7000 square ft. place of business in Moonachie, NJ now for over a year I’m beginning to have the pleasure of witnessing exceptional things come through my front door. Here we have a collection of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazines that contain several of the highest graded copies, ever! I’m happy to present these books to collectors of these great pieces of Americana. I know the people that collect these magazines can be fanatics about them so I have fought off offers on individual books before starting this structured auction. I am trying to provide a fair chance to all collectors out there, big and small, to own some of the best copies ever graded so we are presenting this structured auction on eBay in three phases over the next three weeks. The entire list follows this message. Good luck with your wants and bidding! - AS P.S. I have included in the list a census report with each issue that is either the highest graded or near the highest graded.   CGC Census Report#1 (8.0) Tied for 19th highest grade.#2 (9.2) Tied for 2nd highest grade. Highest graded ever for sale.
#6 (7.0) Tied for 7th highest grade.
#7 (7.0) Tied for 6th highest grade.
#8 (9.0) Tied for 4th highest grade.
#9 (8.5) Tied for 10th highest grade.
#10 (4.5)
#11 (7.0) Tied for 15th highest grade.
#12 (9.0) Tied 5th highest grade.#13 (Estimated 9.4/9.6, en route back from CGC.) Tied for 2nd highest grade.
#14 (9.0) Tied for 1st highest graded of all time. Highest graded ever for sale.
#15 (9.4) Tied for 2nd highest grade. Highest graded ever for sale.
#20 (7.0) Tough in grade. Tied for 8th.
#21 (9.4) Tied for 1st highest grade of all time. Highest graded ever for sale.
#22 (9.8) Highest graded ever. Highest graded ever for sale.
#25 (8.0) Tied for 11th highest grade.
#27 (Estimated 9.0 / 9.2, en route back from CGC.) Tied for 12th highest grade.
#28 (9.4) Tied for 3rd highest grade.
#29 (9.4) Tied for 3rd highest grade.
#30 (9.2) Tied for 3rd highest grade. Highest graded ever for sale.
#31 (9.2) Tied for 4th. Highest graded ever for sale.
#32 (4.5)
#33 (8.0) tied for 11th highest grade.
#34 (Estimated 9.2/9.4, en route back from CGC.) Highest graded ever for sale.
#36 (7.5) in the top 40.
1962 Yearbook (9.2) highest grade. Highest graded ever for sale.
1964 Yearbook (9.8) tied for 1st highest grade. Highest graded ever for sale. 
1974 FM convention souv book (8.0) tied for 4th highest grade. A COA signifying this was part of the Anthony Snyder Famous Monsters of Filmland Collection Find will be provided.
Some of THE highest graded copies EVER recorded! Incredible 9.6's and 9.8's Check out the other FAMOUS MONSTERS listings HERE!
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