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14 Apr 2016
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Mesa, Arizona

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A LANDMARK EARLY ISSUE OF CAPTAIN AMERICA WITH BOTH ADOLPH HITLER AND RED SKULL AND THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF DOCTOR FAUSTUS! THIS IS PERHAPS THE RAREST OF THE EARLY CAPS IN TOP-CERTIFIED SHAPE, AND THIS IS PROBABLY THE FIRST 9.8 TO EVER SURFACE ON EBAY, AS IT'S ONLY THE SECOND 9.8 TO HIT THE MARKET IN FIFTEEN YEARS! THE CAP AND RED SKULL BATTLES WOULD CONTINUE FOR MANY YEARS, BUT THIS ONE IS BY THE 'KING' AND IS ONE OF THE EARLIEST IN THIS POPULAR LONG-RUNNING SERIES. STUNNING JACK KIRBY COVER, AND THE WHOLE COMIC HAS GREAT KIRBY ART! This pedigree issue came out relatively shortly after #100, which was the first issue of this famous long-running superhero series. This unbelievably-nice comic is perfect for the fellow fan of top-quality key vintage Marvels.  It includes my original sales document, stating the Canarsie Collection provenance.  The stunning comic-books from the Canarsie pedigree were purchased at the now defunct Canarsie Comics shop in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, New York, hence the nickname “Canarsie Collection.” The well-preserved collection of about 650 Marvels features deep runs of mainstream Silver into Bronze Age superhero titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Journey Into Mystery/Thor. The collection also consists of smaller groups of issues from Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, Silver Surfer, Tales to Astonish, and X-Men. The average grade of the books is 9.2 to 9.4 but there are many 9.6 and 9.8 examples. Almost every book has either off-white to white or white page quality and immaculate structure. There are many high grade Silver and Bronze Age keys, first appearance issues, and deep runs of favorite Marvel titles in the collection. THIS HAILS FROM THE VAUNTED RECENTLY-DISCOVERED CANARSIE COLLECTION, AND COMES WITH MY INVOICE I RECEIVED WHEN I BOUGHT IT, DESIGNATING THE CANARSIE COLLECTION. WE HAVE OTHER IMPORTANT MARVEL ISSUES ON EBAY NOW! Crucial book for any fan of landmark silver-age comics or hot issues of the long-running Marvel titles. Or for the collector of exemplary examples of vintage Capt. America comics. It doesn't get any better than this! . This high-demand issue, which features a CLASSIC RED SKULL AND HITLER COVER and the related story by Stan Lee and Jack "King" Kirby.  Cap recently got a hit film of his own, and he's also featured in the record-setting Avengers movies, making this milestone issue a blue chip of the highest order.  It is amost non-existant in NM/MINT condition; And the desirable provenance is a real badge of honor, coupled with the superb alignment ensures this one truly is the 'best of the best'!  IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU WANT AN IMPECCABLE EXAMPLE YOU MAY WANT TO BUY IT NOW, OR PREPARE TO WAIT COUNTLESS YEARS FOR YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY, AND EVEN THEN, YOU'D HAVE TO BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME AS THERES NO TELLING IF THE NEXT ONE TO SURFACE WILL BE DEVOID OF THE COMMON ARRIVAL DATES, AND ALSO HAVE GREAT ALIGNMENT, ~OR WILL EVEN MAKE IT TO EBAY OR ANY OTHER SITE YOU FREQUENT? THIS ONE HAS A FRESH-OFF-THE-PRESS LOOK ABOUT IT, AND THE COLORS AND GLOSS ARE A SPECTACLE TO BEHOLD!  WITH DARK COVER, WHICH IS SO UNFORGIVING, IT MAKES FINDING COPIES THAT ARE NICER THAN NEAR MINT VERY DIFFICULT, AND VERY FEW COPIES OF ANY GRADE CAN COMPETE WITH THE PRECISE CENTERING OR SUPER RICH COLORS AND HEAVY GLOSS THAT THIS PEDIGREE COPY EXHIBITS.  (So if you miss this chance, you may be waiting quite some time for even a 9.6, much less another 9.8, and even then, another 9.8 still probably wouldn't boast a coveted pedigree source, and would likely fall short of this lustrous well-aligned gem when it comes to eye appeal as well.)   THIS COMIC HAS ALL THE HALLMARKS OF KEEPER, WITH THE PINPOINT-PRECISE CENTERING, PHENOMENAL GLOSS AND BLINDING-BRIGHT COLORS;  PLUS NOTE THE PERFECT ALIGNMENT AND OF COURSE THE FACT THAT THE COVER IS NOT DINGY ON THE REVERSE LIKE SOME OTHER HIGH-GRADE EXAMPLES.  IN ADDITION, THIS DOESN'T HAVE AN ARRIVAL DATE, WHICH SOME OF THE OTHER PROFESSIONALLY GRADED HIGH GRADE EXAMPLES HAVE.  EXPECT TO BE THRILLED WITH THIS GEM, MUCH LIKE THE OTHER EXCEPTIONAL MARVEL COMICS WE ARE NOW OFFERING.  I've always wanted my high-grade Marvel comics to have great cut and alignment, things that the certification companies scarcely consider when grading.  So if you too are extra picky, and want copies that are not only well preserved and of exceptional structural quality, but also look like they were printed JUST RIGHT with attractive framing and deep color strike with accurate registration and sharp corners, and somehow they didn't pick up any date notations or intitials during the distribution process either, then you crave books of this caliber and you already know how seldom these opportunities arise.  IF YOU ARE A LONG-TERM COLLECTOR OF HIGH GRADE VINTAGE MARVEL COMICS THEN YOU KNOW THAT THESE EARLY CAP'S HAVE EMERGED AS FAN FAVORITES, AND TRUE BLUE CHIP COLLECTIBLES IN HIGH GRADE SHAPE.  The pale white background of the cover provides great contrasts and is a treat to behold when the cover is unblemished by such pesky detractors as noteworthy creases or spine-stresses.  These characters are already household names around the globe, thanks in part to the smash-hit films and record-setting DVD sales and all the toys and videogames and statues and animation and action-figures and clothing and plethora of other licensed merchandise.  Captain America and Iron Man and Thor and Spider-Man and other Marvel superheroes are appearing in additional upcoming films too...  It doesn't get any more "Blue Chip" than this!    This exceptional original first-print comic-book WILL find a new home, as the Buy It Now price is LOW and there is NO RESERVE!  ALWAYS SCARCE, BETTER THAN NEAR MINT SPECIMENS OF THIS LANDMARK 12-CENT ISSUE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SOUGHT OUT, YET OUR BUY IT NOW PRICE IS SET WAY LOW! This historic comic is a real find in unrestored NM+ or better shape, as many copies had minute production flaws such as printing creases or Marvel Chipping, while others were read and re-read, time and time again, and with the glossy dark cover even the tiniest flaws seem magnified.  However, this copy is spectacular, as it's super-clean and there is no noteworthy wear or aging, and it has precise printing registration.  And the gloss is excellent, too!  This crushes most of the so-called "Mint" old comics I purchased over the decades back in the pre-CGC era.  Good luck finding this level of eye appeal again in the future, as this beauty boasts deep rich uniform colors and a flat clean appearance, devoid of common problems such as print-creases and miscuts and pre-Marvel chips, and the unusually clean white logo just adds to the allure.   We are now offering many superb CGC Marvel comics, plus rare comic art; And we'll be offering hundreds of other collectable comics in the next few months.  Check out our ebay items regularly!  A lot has happened with Marvel comics in the past forty-plus years since this gem came out, adding more allure to the fabled vintage issues such as this;  so I don't suggest waiting around until these crucial books have gone through the roof....  High-grade specimens of this hot flashback issue are always in demand, but are virtually never available in the market, in such well-preserved condition with incredible luster & eye appeal like this!   This is an investment that you can show and display proudly, without worrying about damage or degradation of the nice supple clean paper, thanks to the benefit of professional Comic Guaranty Corporation encapsulation. With demand that far exceeds supply, premium prices do occur when a top certified beauty such as this finally reaches the market.  The few comparable gems are already locked up in serious collections, unlikely to surface for the foreseeable future, so this rare offering of a legit finest-known copy is a rare opportunity indeed. Great cover colors; And the gloss is phenomenal, which must be seen in person to be appreciated.  If you are a discriminating Marvel silver-age collector, serious CGC-graded comics investor, or just a devout Cap, Hitler, Dr. Faustus or Red Skull collector and prefer unrestored books without significant flaws, then NOW is your brief window of opportunity.  It looks less appealing in the disappointing pictures,  ~but in person the book looks spectacular and the super bright colors really leap out at you!    The conservative Overall CGC Universal Grade is NEAR MINT/MINT; --it looks new from outside the clear plastic CGC case! This extra bright clean copy sports the Blue Unrestored CGC Label;  --And the CGC case has no scuffs or cracks or scratches in the crystal-clear case.  * PEDIGREE GEM *

We are prompt shippers & secure packagers, expect to be pleased. ASKING PRICE IS LOW AND THERE IS NO RESERVE! This auction includes:  CAPTAIN AMERICA #107 CGC 9.8 with Off White Pages; CANARSIE COLLECTION PEDIGREE. CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. RED SKULL. FIRST APPEARANCE OF DOCTOR FAUSTUS. CRUCIAL MARVEL IN AMAZING SHAPE. STAN LEE AND JACK KIRBY MASTERPIECE. HEAVY GLOSS. RARE IN NM / MINT SHAPE. Published by Marvel Comics as the November, 1968, first-printing. This comic contains fresh supple clean off white pages, with deep rich colors and great printing registration on both the front & back covers.  Sorry about the glare-filled images, due to our scanner and the thick protective CGC case; The actual item looks fabulous and has uniform ultra-bright colors that you simply must see in person to appreciate.

KEY COMICS is a Power(GOLD)Seller and CBM Market Reporter and Authorized CGC Member Dealer that has specialized in Mail-Order Comics for well over twenty years;
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BUY IT NOW, ~ AND DON'T REGRET LOSING IT LATER! * * SATISFACTION GUARANTEED * * 14-Day Return Privilege (If wrong issue is sent; This comic is CGC-Certified, so there is no question as to authenticity or condition.) Payment due within 10 days of auction close.
Please Include $25.00 for tracked Priority-mail (boxed securely with insurance) within the USA.  The ebay shipping calculator is often inaccurate when it's used for valuable items shipped to foreign countries, so contact us for International rates before bidding.  Please WIN MORE KEY COMICS AUCTIONS AND SAVE: Additional CGC-Graded books add $2.00 apiece to the shipping costs;  Unslabbed comics add just twenty cents apiece to the shipping cost. (Plus any extra Insurance desired.) 
('30's to '70's) Add keycomics to your Favorite Seller List if you collect back-issue comics or comic-artwork! For more samples from our diverse inventory, including additional CGC KEY MARVEL COMICS, plus unslabbed back-issue comics and even rare Comic Art, all of which is listed in assorted categories: CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR OTHER AUCTIONS!  Good Luck and Happy Collecting!
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