X-Men #1 (1963) CBCS 2.0 1st & Origin X-Men **Signed Stan Lee** like CGC

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XMen 1 1963 CBCS 20 1st  Origin XMen Signed Stan Lee like CGC
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24 Aug 2016
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You are bidding on: X-Men vol 1 #1 CBCS 2.0 Verified Signature **Signed Stan Lee**
September 1963 Marvel Comics1st & Origin X-Men1st Professor X1st Cyclops1st Marvel Girl1st Iceman1st Angel1st Beast1st Magneto

Stan Lee (Story)   Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman (Cover & Art)
1st Print

"X-Men" JeanUXM1p16frm1 Jean in costume for the first time. At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester County, New York, Professor Charles Xavier summons his students telepathically. When the Beast, Angel, Iceman, and Cyclops arrive, he puts them through a series of exercises to hone their mutant talents. Xavier then introduces them to a new student, Marvel Girl, to whom he explains the purpose of his school: his students do receive an education, but they are also the first line of defense against evil mutants. Meanwhile, at Cape Citadel, Magneto causes a rocket to crash. The next day he takes over the whole base and claims it in the name of Homo superior (i.e. mutants). When Xavier hears about the incident, he sends his X-Men on their first mission. Cyclops uses his eye beams to make a hole in Magneto's force field, thus alerting him to their presence. Magneto launches a volley of heat-seeking missiles, which lock on to Angel; Iceman knocks most of them out, and the Beast catches the last one. Magneto then sends metal debris at Angel; Cyclops destroys it. Magneto flings a burning tanker truck at the team; Iceman covers them with an ice shield, and Cyclops blasts a tunnel under the flames so that they come up near Magneto. Unprepared for such power and resourcefulness, Magneto sets up another force field and levitates himself to safety.

Quote1 Class is now in session! Tardiness will be punished! Quote2 -- Professor X


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